Six tips to take your website to the next level

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    A website is a frontrunner for most of the businesses. It is a crucial segment of your marketing, sales, human resources, and customer services. All in all, it is the face of your brand while also being a functional interface between you and your clients. Thus it is extremely important to have your A-game on when it comes to your website.

    But it is not an easy feat to achieve. Customers today demand so much more than a website from your business. They would not stand a clustered or complicated website that is even slightly inconvenient to navigate through. Customers also expect a legible website with easy to read content, without many unwanted keywords or distracting hyperlinks. On top of everything else, they would want a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website. Therefore it can be established early on in this discussion that you don’t need just an average website. Instead, you and your business need an A+ website.

    And how exactly will you make your website an A+? Read on to find what makes an A+ website different from an average website:

    Site Performance

    Whether or not the client stays on your website is highly dependent on your site performance. Site performance includes parameters such as how much time your website takes to load. This is crucial since time is of high value to your customer. The longer your website takes to load its content, the more likely your targeted customer will leave your web page. A website with a high performance would create a smooth browsing experience for its users. This, in turn, helps to improve traffic and generate better and more leads for your business.

    Good Navigation

    Your website is of no real significance to your business if the users cannot access the information they need. Thus it is imperative to have a layout that is easy to navigate. A common point to keep in mind would be to avoid clutter on the top of the site. That means to keep only the most essential navigation tabs on the top portion of your website. This prevents overloading the customer with information when she/he opens your website while also giving it a clean, structured look.

    Search Engine Optimization

    This would help your potential customers to discover your website organically. With proper and efficient Search Engine Optimization, you can ensure that your site is discoverable by both humans as well as bots. The more discoverable your website is, the more your target audience will land upon it. To do so, you would need a thorough study and further an update to your meta descriptions, page titles, content, and other headings.

    Brief Content

    As lucrative as it sounds to add any and every information to your website, it is not an ideal approach to follow. Usually, a high amount of content will end up overwhelming the users with information. Also, it makes it harder for customers to find the information they need. Hence, try to cut your content and upload only what is relevant and important. Be concise and stick to the point when it comes to messages and information on your website. An ideal customer is busy and would spend only a few minutes on a website to get the necessary information. Thus businesses should be brief with their online content.

    The Mobile Website

    Statistically, around 50 percent of the users access websites through their mobile phones. In simpler words, if your website is not suitably accessible from mobiles, you lose out on as high as 50 percent of your customer base. This could be a huge loss of online traffic, and potential leads to your business. When designing a mobile website, you should be extremely critical of the viewport. That includes the aspect ratio of your content, how it appears on a mobile screen, font size, action buttons, etc. Not only will these factors make your website user-friendly, but it will also give you better engagement with your customers.

    The Information above The Fold

    The Fold is the point, after which the customer has to start scrolling on your website. What all information you put before the fold will take your website from average to a straight A+. The biggest players in the industry, like Netflix and Spotify, have nailed this concept. Their websites have a prominent call to action buttons above the fold since these convert into customer interaction and engagement. The customer is on your website to get a part of your service, and it is only fair that he/she can easily find the option to do so.

    It is now well-established that your website is the most valuable player in your marketing team. It is the face of your organization and an important medium of interaction between you and your clients. Use the aforementioned pointers and make sure you have an A+ website instead of an average website. A few design tips are just what your business website needs to be what the clients need.