Here is what some of us do when we are not busy solving our clients’ problems

As a web agency, we learn new things everyday to keep ourselves up to date in this fast-paced technology world. Our experiences have their fair share of teachings as well. This is our attempt to share those learnings. Our 2 Cents.

Developing a Growth-Driven Strategy for Modern Web Products

As businesses strive to reach new heights of success using innovative methods, the role of the website also evolves continuously to suit the business and customer needs. However, has it really successfully filled that role? Then how do we ensure that a website reaches its full potential as an effective… Read More

WordPress – Custom Theme vs Off-the-shelf Theme

While submitting WordPress website proposals, one of the first things we need to understand is what’s best for the project’s requirement – shall we suggest building a custom WordPress theme or recommend going with an off-the-shelf theme. Understandably, this debate raises a question – what is the difference?… Read More